Family Mediation

Conflicts and disputes between family members can destroy the family especailly if its over a loved-one's funeral services. Legal mediation is an excellent way to resolve disputes. It helps restore harmony among all family members. There are many occasions when mediation is the right solution. In this time of grief families should join together to share the pain and celebrate their loved one.

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The High Cost of Court Case

If the loved-one left any debt then it may put strain on the families finance and a court case can prove very expensive, putting more strain on the finances. It takes large amounts of money to hire competent lawyers. There are many other expenses involved in fighting a case in the court. Family members may not have the finances or inclination to fight an expensive court case. The dispute may not have a very high value to resort to such an extreme measure. A simple legal mediation helps avoid costs involved in fighting the case in the court.

Simple Disputes

Some disputes are small and it does not make sense to go all the way to the court for the solution. At the same time, simple solutions like mediation by a senior family member or friend may not be working. In such cases it is prudent to take help of a legal adviser who specialises in family dispute mediation. The problem can be solved quickly, easily and with minimum cost to both parties. A legal adviser who does not have any benefit to gain from the decision can maintain impartiality.

Not Wanting to End Relationship

Individuals in dispute may not want to end their familial relationship. It does not make sense to break cordial family relationship just for a piece of property or any other valuable. When both parties want to end the problem but not the relationship then mediation by a legal professional can work wonders. It helps save a relationship. The family member can prove helpful in future in times of need. Mediation helps avoid family break-up.

Keep the Dispute Private

Making a family dispute known in the public can prove detrimental to the professional and business interests of both parties. If individuals in dispute are share owners of a company then any information leak about their dispute can bring down the share value of the company. It is detrimental to the interests of both parties if both of them have financial stake in the company. The record of dispute remains in public domain forever. A competent mediation by a legal adviser helps avoid making the dispute known to everyone. It helps protect business interests.

Complicated Negotiation

If the dispute involves complex financial and legal issues then it can be difficult to know how much to demand and what to leave. An inexperienced person can make mistakes in negotiations and be unable to extract maximum benefit out of the final solution. A legal mediator helps both parties understand complicated issues and terminologies in simple terms. Individuals in dispute can make informed decisions when they receive effective advice.

In some cases, it is possible that if the case goes to the court then both parties lose. A third party or the government may be the ultimate beneficiary of the dispute. If the acrimony gets out of hand then it can even result in one party taking drastic steps. It can prove dangerous and even injurious to both persons. It is better to use simple and affordable mediation service to resolve the family dispute properly and amicably.